More hotels and roundabouts!

More hotels and roundabouts!

Skipped last week’s update due to a heavy work load. But dev has been ongoing!

New hotels (third density of 4×4 size) are finally finished:


Once the last density of 4×4 is ready, tourism will be getting some further tweaks to make it more financially rewarding and more well balanced. Currently getting the necessary inputs is rather pricy, so that needs to be tweaked a bit.


Work on ground textures is almost completely finished. Only some minor tweaks here and there remain, other than that, most things are seamless and nice looking now. 

I’ve also added a few additional road variants – roundabouts!


These are currently available in two variants, but once the UI has been reworked a bit, I will most likely add more and allow players to cycle through different sizes between 3×3-7×7.

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