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Month: December 2021

0.76 is live!

0.76 is live!


The year is coming to a close, and so the last update for the year is now live! There’s been a lot of progress with the game over the year – some features I had planned to finish didn’t make it, while other changes I had not planned for made it in instead. My goal for next year is to increase the dev pace a bit and finish up the remainder of todo-list (which is shrinking! Promise!)

0.76 is a fairly small update in terms of new items, but each set of quarters features 15 buildings, so it is quite time intense to make them.

With the upper class quarters now done, there is a set for each citizen tier – lower class, middle class and upper class.

I’ve found that this residential type is quite “powerful”, in that they hold a lot of citizens for a fairly low cost. Because of this, I’ve decided they will be a special feature for different sets of ideologies, once the system is completely finished. So they can be unlocked using the 8 different ideologies.

Another thing I’m planning, is for there to be another worker type – scientists. These will be output from universities at the rate of 1 per 10 lower class workers, 1 per 5 middle class workers and 1 per 3 upper class workers. In other words, some workers will essentially be converted to the scientist class worker. The scientist class is then employed in certain high tech industry and certain special buildings, like the lab.

This is primarily to add a bit more depth into education systems in the game. That is, instead of just ensuring education coverage, universities essentially output labour resources that are essential for certain things to function.

This change will be in for the next update. On the subject of updates, I will be moving towards updating the game every three weeks (instead of two), since mostly, requests for certain features have been infrequent and some of the remaining items on the todo list are rather time consuming.

On version 0.76

On version 0.76


The holiday season is upon us, but work on the year’s last update is still ongoing! 0.76 is expected to go live sometime around the middle of the week and will feature the full set of mansion textures:

Upper class citizens living in a mansion will provide additional tax income if wealth tax is enabled – if not they pay the regular upper class tax.

The remaining quarter type, upper class, is underway.

This is a sort of parisian style building that, like the lower class and middle class quarter, has 3 densities.

I’m hoping to get a bunch of other goodies in for the next update as my ordinary work is (almost) done for the year. 🙂

0.75 is live!

0.75 is live!


0.75 will be live in a bit, adding in some new stuff and fixing some bugs.

0.74 -> 0.75
– Added (yet another) block type (now it’s the last one!). Matching roads etc. to come.
– Night lighting for quarters added.
– Mansions added. Some currently missing textures, but they be in soon 🙂

– Added redundancy if resolutions are not loaded properly.

– Fixed car movement on 45 degree road.
– Fixed issue where placement on special blocks would be prioritised to non-flat surfaces.
– Fixed incorrect difficulty settings on templates and campaign levels.
– Fixed quarters not spawning vehicles.
– Fixed campaign menu header title in main menu.
– Fixed autoplaced road tiles in tunnels not adjusting to surrounding roads properly.
– Fixed middle class quarter density 3 growth bug.

Mansions have been added. These are bigger residential lots for upper class citizens, they are costly to plop and have fairly high demands, but once fully implemented (which will be in 0.76), will be able to be used for wealth tax income etc.

I decided to add in 4 variations, but two are still untextured. It was better to do it this way, so that there is more variation even initially. The remaining textures will be in for the next version!.

A flatter type of slanted block has been added. I’m still working on the grass variation and roads to be placed on them.

Lighting has been added for the recently included quarter building types! The remaining upper class quarter is slated for 0.76.

Lastly, the change in difficulties recently made the difficulty level of the campaign levels and the templates skewed towards easy, this has now been fixed, as have a couple of other annoyances I’ve found.