Correcture Games was founded in 2017, although the projects currently in the works range back as far as to 2014. For questions regarding assets or games, send an email to info [ at ] correcturegames.com or support [ at ] correcturegames.com.

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  1. Hello
    Fan of your game here. I was given it as a gift of Steam and, although I haven’t played it much, I really like it. It’s my first tower defence game, so it’ll take me a while to get into the swing of things. I love what you did with the graphics, and how the bright colours pop against the dark setting. It’s an insentive for me to play the game by itself.

    I’ve got a friend who’s a massive game developer and he loves getting feedback, so I thought I’d give my thoughts so far. Just one thing: as a noob to tower defence games, it confused me a lot when the AI was attacking the petrol station in the 2nd level, and then I died when they broke it. It took me a while to realise that I was meant to be defending it, given how well it blended in with the background. Because this game seems to be targeted to more casual gamers, it might be helpful for other people new to these games to have some way of telling them what their objective. It could just be a little message before they start the first level or something.

    Either way, thanks for making Brink of Extinction!

    Nikolai Merritt

    1. Hey! Sorry about the late reply, been some hectic days! 🙂
      Glad you like the game, and I will add your suggestion to the list of things to add for the next update. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Hello.
    My name is Vadim (Chevy)
    Sorry for my poor English. But I really interested on your project.
    I have YT channel “Chevellad Chevy” (55K subs)
    Can I get press key / access for ” Atomcity ” game?
    I can make good overview for this game.
    My channel link – https://www.youtube.com/user/Chevellad
    Also you can check my Email address by clicking “about” button on my channel.
    Best regards

    1. Hello!
      Of course you can! However, the current version of the game is quite unstable as I am pushing to implement some rather large systems.
      The next stable version will be sent around to playtesters and youtubers in mid to late July. Follow @CorrectureGames on Twitter and you’ll see when I start sending out the new version.
      Thank you for the interest and I look forward to seeing the game on your channel in the near future. 🙂
      Regards, Nick

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