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Month: January 2022

On ideology buildings

On ideology buildings


Missed the previous log, as I’ve been under a very heavy work load. As such, this update will also be quite short.

The upcoming version is underway and I will have the game updated later this week to add a couple of fixes – for example placing trams on sloped roads not working as intended and avenue roads not reverting to regular roads when trams are placed on them.

Primarily, I’ve continued work on ideology related buildings, and now only have a handfull left, which I should be able to finish up fairly soon. After that, I will move on with testing the ideology system in general and start finalizing the perks of each ideology.

A new sanctuary type building will be added in come next update. This one will provide more culture, but be slightly larger and cost a bit more. Overall it will add a bit of variety.

I will also be making a change to the happiness system a bit to accomodate for the implementation of the ideology system. Currently it is calculated from a bunch of individual variables such as tax rate, crime levels as a total and implemented policies.
After the change, happiness will be based on the average local effects of crime, education etc. and then use policies as a multiplied factor.

The great museum of history is finished. This building will add entertainment in traditionally minded socities (conservatives) and boost upper class quarters.

The Grand Library is also finished. This building boosts education city-wide alongside the University of Liberal Philosophy in liberal minded socities.

Most of the ideology buildings provide both a local effect, such as boosting local education or culture, but also a citywide effect such as boosting labour output or similar. If an ideology building is placed and the city then converts to an ideology that doesn’t support the building, the building will automatically convert to a historical site, boosting culture.

Center of Tradition

Center of Tradition


Xmas and new years came and went and work on the game is now back to normal.

I’m planning on getting the next version, 0.77, out the 24th of january. A lot of work at the moment is focused on the remaining ideology buildings, so I can get that system into the game. But I will get some other minor features added in as well.

Among them the grass, road and tram pieces for the 22,5 degree slope block.

I’ll be updating some icons for clarity, especially those relating to mission objectives etc.

I’m doing another pass of optimizations, this time in the calculation as well as connectivity threads.
There will also be some additional hints added into the building info, for example the population level required for a zone to grow.

The ideology building Center of Tradition is finished!

This building will boost culture in the city and locally, and boost upper class residential quarter buildings nearby.