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Month: September 2021

0.69 goes live – Halloween is back!

0.69 goes live – Halloween is back!


I’m pushing an update to fix some minor issues and to add some overall polish in building placement etc.

0.68 -> 0.69
– Pumpkins are back!
– Lowered concrete cost for foundations.
– Tweaked tax income from RCI and H. Early tax income bonus time increased.
– Increased emergency loan size.
– Lab credit upkeep cost reduced.
– Added difficulty slider in world creation screen. Hard mode coming in 0.7.
– Atlantis mode deprecated – cities made in this mode will be converted to the newly added easy mode (same thing).
– Ensured camera is returned to source position after camera shake.
– Lowered screenshake when placing buildings.
– Updated 2×1 sized decorations to match plaza type decorations and plazas.
– Increased culture output of upgraded mayoral house.
– Added slight culture output from mayoral house and city hall.
– Added busstops to public transport view so they are easier to spot.
– Adjusted destruct particles to get recycled quicker.

– Tidied up object placement hologram so that it doesn’t “fly in” when selected.
– Tidied up code for placing grass and roads on newly added blocks.

– Fixed (most likely) demand calculation for buildings unaffected by the global economy. This issue usually showed itself as production buildings having 0 labour for example.
– Fixed placement hologram not disappearing when switching from building to bull dozer.
– Fixed park footprint to work with world textures.
– Fixed not being able to place tram tracks on road tile after busstop has been placed on the same tile.
– Fixed roads connecting via the side of busstops.
– Fixed missing tunnel face icon.
– (Prospective) fix for resetting controls to default.
– Fixed UI color and shadow/texture quality resetting when resetting to defaults.

There was an issue where factory and building output would sometimes “cut off”. This was due to a calculation error for buildings unaffected by the global economy. This is hopefully fixed, or at the very least much less common now.

I’ve tweaked tax income from RCIH and some building upkeep costs as well as lowered concrete costs for foundations (making city expansion a bit cheaper in that regard).

I’ve also added a slight culture output from mayor’s house and city hall buildings.

I’ve also cleaned up building placement code and made it smoother.

0.68 is live!

0.68 is live!


I was notified that Atlantis mode wasn’t displaying the blocks properly (due to the object merger missing the initial blocks there) – SO! Game has been updated to fix this issue, and a bunch of other minor changes!

0.67 -> 0.68
– New block icons added.
– Added being able to build trams on new block types.
– Added missing night time lighting for fourth tier highest density commercial building.
– Grid now follows pointer when placing blocks
– Lowered volume of police and fire department vehicles as well as ambulances.
– Park footprints adapted to be surrounded by grass to better match with park-like decorations.
– Adjusted school footprint to better match surroundings.
– Improved vehicle performance.
– Improved car intersection behavior.

– Fixed cars not moving properly on the outer rounded block type.
– Fixed road tunnels not saving properly.
– Fixed tram movement issues.
– Fixed trams not spawning.
– Fixed roads connecting through the side of a tunnel if there is a road directly outside and the road in the tunnel was placed after the other road.
– Fixed shadow caster in tunnels.
– Fixed bug where Atlantis level blocks would not be sent to block merger and thus become invisible.
– Fixed destruct sound for demolishing buildings.
– Fixed placement frame not being removed when placing decorations on items (as click and drag isn’t available).

There were some issues relating to the newly added block types, tunnels not saving for example or cars not being able to move properly over the certain road types. These have now been addressed.

Trams can now be built over the new road types on sloped or slanted blocks. In working with trams I also noticed a few issues that have been addressed – among them trams not spawning properly when placing a tram station.

I’ve started cleaning up building, block and road placement code and fixed some minor bugs there. For example, the click and drag frame would display even for decorations that can only be placed individually.

Some of the park textures have been cleaned up so they don’t have paths leading to the edge of the footprint in order to make it easier to build large park areas that blend together well.

This update was a bit rushed to fix the Atlantis mode bug, but I should have another build up fairly soon to cover the remainder of hotels for example.

0.67 live tomorrow! New block types incoming!

0.67 live tomorrow! New block types incoming!

Version 0.67 will be live tomorrow!New block types and some fixed incoming!Hello!

The upcoming version is almost ready, it will be live tomorrow around noon, central european time!

This version adds in a bunch of new block types and is the first version in a few upcoming versions that focuses on improving construction and building placement. The remaining hotels and ideology buildings will be included in these versions as well.

The newly added blocks will allow more customization and toying around with different island looks etc. Some of these have been available prior, but were then categorized as a decoration and as such could not be built on, and it also adapted itself to neighbors instead of being fully customizable.

Roads that match these new block types have been available since way back, but had to be placed individually as a unique, special road tile. They have now been incorporated into the regular road placement tool, so that the road placed automatically adapts to the underlying block type. Currently, only the basic road works this way, but I will be adding in the avenue road type as well as trams to this as well.

The grass and recently added plaza type can also be placed in the same manner, automatically adapting to the block underneath.

There are also two new block types of a more decorative style. The other one was showcased in the last devlog. This one works in a similar way, and also allows for the addition of a decorative border around it.

The polish translation has been updated! The localization system is still in the works and will hopefully transition completely to the new version in the next update. I’m in the process of adapting the existing translations to the new system and in doing so will also start looking into getting these updates up to date as well.