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Month: May 2020

Monorails – and some other stuff.

Monorails – and some other stuff.

I’ll keep it short this week as most of the work put into the game this week has been on preparing existing systems for new additions.

One such new addition is the tram and monorail systems mentioned in previous logs.


What will differentiate the monorail from the existing vacuum train system, is that it will need to be built nearby blocks, only allowing shorter bridges across gaps etc. In terms of code, they otherwise share many things but monorails will need to add some additional complexity. So I’ve spent time this week cleaning up the vacuum train code to allow for better pathing and a faster calculation of routes.


Once I’m not updating the vacuum train/monorail code, I will get back to work on regular traffic to try to improve paths there as well. This will be a bit more difficult, as there are way more cars at any given moment, so care needs to be taken to keep it all efficient.


Since trams, monorails and vacuum trains will (hopefully) all be in and functional in the next update (due the 7th or 8th of june), I’ve also added a local area effect for public transporation. Since there are now very many local area effects (including crime, health, education etc.), I’ve also redone how they stack. Previously they all carried the same weight, given that now there are so many, it was possible to get good building efficiency even if one was completely lacking. So now they are now partially multiplicative, if one is missing it doesn’t make much difference, but if two are missing it will have a large effect, and so on. This will make it more important to build well rounded neighborhoods.


Once I’ve gotten the next version up, I will most likely do another version focused primarily on bug fixes and performance, as there has been a lot stuff added recently and a lot of systems that have been cleaned up (possibly introducing new bugs).

Flower farms, dyes and textile factories as well as public transportation.

Flower farms, dyes and textile factories as well as public transportation.


This week a lot of work has been put into the new resource tree of flowers -> dyes -> textiles. Currently, flowers are used to produce dyes and dyes and wood go into producing textiles which are used in hotels. Additional uses may be added in later on.


The flower farm has a 6×6 foot print and is fairly pricey – overall resource production for hotels and hotels themselves are rather pricey, but tourism can also add a lot of revenue to a city.


Once flowers are produced, dyes can be produced:


I’ve started working on expanding public transportation as well. Currently there’s only vacuum trains. I’m working on expanding with trams, which will be an early game public transportation system. Trams are built on roads existing roads (not avenues) and stations are 1×2 sized and also placed on roads.
I’m also adding in a monorail system. The monorail system will be larger capacity than trams, but also require more space (stations etc.).
Vacuumtrains will be made a bit more costly, and will be the highest capacity system and will also allow resoures to be shared across different city “islands” unlike trams and monorail.
The tram system can be seen below as well as a WIP of the textile factory.


When working on the trams I also decided to overhaul the look of roads. So gone are the square roads, and in are roads with some curves.

Hotels and tourism added – and lots of fixes!

Hotels and tourism added – and lots of fixes!


New update is live!

– Two new decorations
– Hotels and tourism are in! To begin with only one density for each tier. Additional densities will be added in the upcoming versions.
– Tourism policies added.
– Differentiated road upkeep costs. Plain roads are cheaper than the fancy avenue.
– New resources – flowers, dyes and textiles.
– Click and drag placement added for all buildingtypes, not just 1×1 buildings.
– Optimized building placement code.
– Reimported textures to decrease texture size in game.
– Fixed clinic collider
– Fixed tree shader so that shadows work properly.
– Fixed bug where blocks could sometimes be placed in the same location.
– Fixed bug where pub couldn’t be destroyed!
– Fixed issue where sometimes building info would show production occuring, when there was none.
– Removed water foam effect on Metal (Mac) pending a proper fix. This avoids water looking glitchy.

On the surface a fairly small update, but introduces tourism (which will get many tweaks over the upcoming few updates). There’s also some under the hood stuff fixed with how things are calculated. Currently only one density of each tier hotel can be grown. You can currently also only import the necessary resources (next version will add the production of flowers, dyes and textiles).


Two new decorations have been added:


There were some issues with unconnected buildings sometimes showing production output. This should now be fixed and unconnected buildings should have an efficiency of 0.


I’ve started going through some of the existing code and cleaning some stuff up to make things more performant. When adding click and drag placement for buildings regardless of size I have also been able to remove a fairly sizable chunk of code. I’ve also cleaned up some of the shaders and changed import settings for textures to improve fidelity while also lowering size.

Hotels, click and drag construction and texture optimization

Hotels, click and drag construction and texture optimization


This week I’ve started working on hotel buildings. In terms of code, tourism is more or less already functional, although it needs some tweaks here and there, but hasn’t been set live since there haven’t been any hotel buildings.
I’ll be added the 1×1, 2×2 and 4×4 versions lower, middle to upperclass at the same time, one density at a time.

Here’s the lower class first densities:


The middle class, first density hotel buildings are also “done” (some tweaking remains):


I’ve also incorporated click and drag construction for all building types now. Previously, this was available only for 1×1.


Some new resources will make their way into the game in the next version: Flowers, dyes and textiles. Textiles will be a consumed resource in hotels. Dyes are made from flowers, and textiles are made from wood and dyes.


I’ve started changing import settings for textures (primarily normal maps and gloss maps), to make room for additional textures. I’ve also tweaked existing shaders to remove some stuff that is no longer in use and to make materials less heavy. The tree shader has also been changed so that trees now receive shadows properly!

New tutorial, water blocks and a bunch of fixes!

New tutorial, water blocks and a bunch of fixes!

EA.0.28 is live! Here’s what’s new since 0.27:

EA.0.27 -> EA.0.28
– New tutorial added! Non-english versions coming soon!
– Two old tutorials deprecated.
– Backtracking on how to rotate when plopping buildings. Only scrollwheel is back!
– First iteration of water blocks added!
– Weightier building destruction!
– Additional decorations added.
– Football field added – early game entertainment building.
– Added fountain to one of the decorations.
– Clarified what option is selected in the camera tutorial.

– Fixed slow loading times (particularly for tutorials, but overall when starting new challenges, templates or campaign levels) due to replacing old types of blocks to the new smaller block type. Tutorials will be overhauled in the next proper update.
– Fix for stadium and pub showing 0 efficiency
– Fix for weird directory structure for Win 32 build.
– Fix for building info panel displaying over certain ui items.
– Fix for items in save/load window not being properly sized at some resolutions.
– Fix for connection not retesting properly if building was unconnected when loading city.
– Grid now follows the cursor when placing roads.
– Fix for flickery particles (clouds and far away dust in retro modes).
– Fix for blocks not being built on temporary blocks.
– Football field now has correct sound when clicked.
– Removed continuous trade from trade window when there is no customs house.
– Fixed long term trades so they are no available when there is no customs house.

– Tweaked colliders for new decorations.
– Changed atmosphere material.
– Changed so that camera can move further outside of the atmosphere.
– Building icon now displayed in building info panel
– Building range now displayed when building info is active
– Window system overhauled to allow for a more efficient code structure when loading icons and to allow multiple windows to be displayed at once.
– Tweaked water shader – added foam.
– Russian localization updated.
– Cleaned up what buildings are available in certain modes.


The addition of water blocks is one of the major new features this version. This is the first iteration, so there are tweaks and fixes still to come, but they can be plopped into your city now!


Another central part of this update is updating the tutorial system and updating the practice tutorial and adding a new intermediate tutorial. The new tutorial delves deeper into some of the central aspects of the game, than the old tutorials did and should hopefully shed more light on some of the more tricky parts of the game.


A football field has been added! This is an early game entertainment building. More entertainment and culture buildings are still to come!


Some new decorations have been added, among them this L shaped decoration that can be used to create grassy overpasses over water or vactracks.


This version also adds a bunch of fixes and minor additions, such as a range display when clicking buildings and the density being displayed in the building info panel.