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Month: September 2022

Upcoming update with second density for 3×3 residences!

Upcoming update with second density for 3×3 residences!


The second density for the newly added 3×3 residences is coming along well. I plan on having them added in during the week. Currently the remaining work is texturing and adding props – this should take 3 or so days so expect the update around thursday.

Lower class tier:

Low/mid tier:

Middle class tier:

Mid/upper tier:

Uppe class tier:

3×3 residences!

3×3 residences!


The 3×3 residences are coming along nicely. I will hold off on adding them into the game until I have the second density done a well. Currently the first density is almost complete. I should hopefully get most of it wrapped up and ready to go next weekend or mid week the week after.

The lower tier first density has already been added in:

The mixed lower/middle class tier first density is done:

The middle class first density tier is also done:

The mixed tier (mid/upper class) first density is also done:

The next update will also feature some minor fixes, among them a fix to the new solar farm panel rotation, which is off when farms are placed on the sides of blocks.