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Month: September 2020

Wood burner, policy changes, calculation changes and water shader fix

Wood burner, policy changes, calculation changes and water shader fix


A brief devlog this week!

After rebalancing building material requirements for buildings, and after reviewing overall demands for resources, I felt that the wood resource is fairly underused compared to how easy it is to obtain.
So I added a wood burner power plant! It’s less pollutant than the carbon power plant, and carbon neutral if the wood is grown in the city. It’s a bit more expensive in both plop cost and upkeep cost, but is a fairly good early game power plant.


I’ve started working towards implementing the ideology system, and a first step towards this is to clarify the function of all policies. Descriptions have been written for all of them – initially only the english version will be added, but over time I will get translations added in for the currently supported languages.


While working on the policy descriptions, I’ve also another round of tweaks and ensured that they function as planned. Quite a few have been made either cheaper, or more effective, and some were missing certain effects that have now been added in.


In preparation for a fully functional aeronautics station, I’ve started restructuring the calculation thread. This is to allow networks to be partially calculated (as opposed to sequentially as is the case currently) so that labour can be shared between them. This also involves splitting what used to be pretty much one solid chunk of code into more managable pieces and cleaning up redundant, repeated and unused code.


On the visual side of things, the blimps now spawn properly and aeronautics stations are registered and given a port number so that they can be connected in a system. Getting blimps to find and go to different stations is quite a bit of work, but should be fairly straight forward.
I’ve also gotten some visual annoyances out of the way, among them how there was a seam between water block sections. This issue popped up out of nowhere quite a few versions ago, but I’ve not been able to find a solution until now. But now it’s back to normal again. 

0.39 is live!

0.39 is live!


A new version is going live in a bit! It doesn’t feature quite all of what I wanted to have done, but there’s been a lot of stuff done to prepare for these additions, so they should be in fairly soon.

What IS in then?

EA 0.39
– Mayors house added – can be upgraded!
– Added another 2×2 park and plaza.
– Palm tree avenue added.
– University building changed to community college building. New University building added.
– Aeronautics station added. Currently they only add the public transport area effect. Connection to other regions of the city and blimp functionality will come in the next version.
– Heatwave, blizzard, crimewave and epidemic disasters added. Additional heatwave and blizzard effects to be added later on.
– Heat now affects risk of fire.
– Added a season toggle into the options menu.
– Vacuumtubes now have color settings!

– Public transport area effects of tram (lowered) and monorail (increased) stations tweaked.
– Building resource plop costs increased (generally with the exception of nano structs).
– Increased building credit plop cost for a small selection of buildings.
– Added LOD:s and low quality shadow casters for hotel buildings. More hotel props also added.
– Added LOD:s and low quality shadow casters for less frequently occuring buildings like the coalpress and batteries.
– Texture streaming tweaked.

– Vactrackstation was missing public transport area effect. Fixed now!
– Fixed flower farm, dye and textile factories not enabling in build menu.
– Fixed bug that was stalling research.
– Fixed citizen rep goto home/workplace not working (remnant issue of recent SSAA update).
– Fixed avenues not reverting to regular road when tram was built.
– Fixed fires burning out when saving (then loading) city during a fire.
– Fixed disappearing second density 2×2 first tier industry buildings.
– Fixed bug where setting monorail/tram color would set the wrong material.


Small additions like a palm tree avenue and palm tree prop that is added around hotel buildings have been added, along with the football goal prop to the stadium building.


The aeronautics station is in! Currently it only adds the public transport effect to its surroundings. Getting it to connect to other regions of the city with an aeronautics station so that labour can be shared all over will require work on the core of how things are calculated in game, so I have held off on doing this to not rush it and risk breaking stuff.


Not seen in the image, but added afterwards is a new shader that will allow players to set custom colors to vehicles such as the blimp, vactrain or trams. This aside from being able to set a custom color on tram, monorail and vactrack networks.


The old university building has been “downgraded” to a community college and a new university has been added. Currently, the community college provides as much education as it did previously, but with the addition of a new university as well as new education boosting buildings once ideologies are added there will be a small adjustment made to these values in upcoming versions.


A bunch of bugs have been fixed too. Most notably a bug that caused research to stall.

Up and coming in 0.39

Up and coming in 0.39


Recently I’ve been getting to work on the aeronautics station that will spawn blimps and can be used to connect “islands” of the city with resources and labour. The aeronautics station will (understandably) not connect electricity and water, but allow labour to travel across the city and resources to be moved around the city easily.


I’ve added additional disasters that can be triggered manually or occur randomly: Heatwave, blizzard, crime wave and epidemics. There’s some more work needed to visually convey heatwave or blizzard, but currently it uses the vegetation shader to display dry grass or snow.


The next version will feature another 2×2 park and plaza building as well:


There’s a bunch of bug fixes going into the next version as well; among them a fix for research stalling, a fix for 2×2 second density first tier industry being incorrectly mapped when loading cities (and as a result, the building is not loaded) as well as a fix to the goto home/work feature in the citizen representative panel.


In version 0.39 the current university building will be “downgraded” to a community college and a new university building will be added in. More billboards are being worked in, as well as hotel LOD:s and (hopefully) another density for hotels.

0.38 is live!

0.38 is live!


Was initially going to have a longer dev stretch for the next version, but found a bug I wanted to fix so I’ve uploaded version 0.38 early! It’s a fairly small update overall though.

– 2×2 second density industry added.
– Rebalanced 2×2 first density industry.
– Proper cereal and legume farm icons added.
– More street noises added.
– Icon for upgradable buildings added to cost info.
– Building collapse sound added when buildings burn down.
– Sport props added to tennis court and baseball field.
– Proper fix for block placement offset bug.

– Flowers added to flower farm.
– Fixed issue where nested vacstations would not connect networks properly when nested.
– Fixed being able to build more than one city hall etc.
– Fixed fire sound not despawning.
– Fixed notices going haywire when changing resolution when a city is loaded.
– Fixed vegetation shader not lighting back of (cereal, legume, flower) particles properly.
– Fixed being able to click and drag to place several city halls (for example) and other

The bug I wanted to fix was where nested vactrainstations sometimes wouldn’t figure out what was connected and what wasn’t. This should now be functional. The scenario below would not work properly:


Not in the update, but something I’ve worked on this week is the mayors house – an upgradable building that adds a bit of culture, but mainly boosts surrounding property value.


I’ve managed to fix the issue with the vegetation shader where the “backside” of the billboard wouldn’t be properly lit. Now it’s consistently lit regardless which way the billboards are facing.


Using the same technique as above, I’ve also added in flowers to the flower farm:


I’ve also added in more street noises, fixed the block placement issue (properly this time) and fixed notices losing their anchor position when resolution is changed in game, among other things.