Finishing up UI and policy

Finishing up UI and policy


Brief update on what’s up and coming in the next version of the game.

Work on the UI is being concluded. I’m looking into updating the main menu a bit and should have that finished during this week. I also need to update some of the resource icons, this work is ongoing but takes a while due to the large amount of icons.
I’ve added in some text in the loading screen to show what is being loaded currently. There will also be some random tips added. Most notably though, there’s now an animation showing off what’s going on behind the scenes so to speak.

I’m adding some polish to the pathfinding for blimps and other flying vehicles. The goal is to minimize flying vehicles having to “circle in” on the location they’re going to. I’ve got a few ideas on how to improve the current framework to make this work well enough.

There’s now also a building animation manager that will control animations for buildings. This is mainly to improve performance and to centralize how animations are handled. This will also make animations properly conform to the current game speed. The goods port is one such building that uses this new manager.

Also added in some additional freighter details, like sparks flying when it detaches from the goods port. The idea is to also have the lighting get turned off when the freighter takes off, as it is no longer being charged in the goods port.

Policies are now all tweaked and finished. Moving on I will start working ideology into the game properly, starting with the additional of additional buildings.
Also took the time to get a temperature display on the blimps!

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