Presentation of new TD project

Presentation of new TD project


This is a short presentation of my new project, currently called “Mini TD”. As the game is very early in development, some things I mention here may come to change over time.

“Mini TD” is a tower defense game featuring procedural level generation using a 16 bit seed. That means that the game has roughly 65k levels. Now, given that the map size is only 16×16 tiles, the number of completely unique levels is much smaller. However, as this seed number will also determine things like the number of enemies in each wave, the type of enemies in a wave, wait times and so on, the possibility for great level variation is much larger. There will also be a system of “interest rate” on the money the player saves controlled by the random seed number. This will further increase the difficulty and variation between otherwise similar levels. To further increase the visual variation, players will be able to change the look of a level using different themes.

Currently, the fundamental aspects of the game are pretty much finished. Level generation, enemy path generation, path solver and level construction is completely finished and optimized. Much of the underlying system that will control the enemies and turrets is also finished. This system allows for modular additions to both enemies and turrets, giving me full freedom to develop turret upgrade paths as I go, without worrying too much that code will become outdated or will require different cases and states to work properly between different upgrade types. With this said, it is hard to determine how much is left to do, but currently no enemies and no turrets have been designed, meaning that there is a lot left to do. Not to mention that dang UI…

At some point in the near future, I will present the systems in the game with greater detail, but for now, keep an eye out on the blog! 🙂


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