Version Fire Spider now live

Version Fire Spider now live

I’ve now set the builds for version Fire Spider live.

The main focus for this update has been to lower loading times, as that had become problematic over time.
The main source of the issue was leaking materials, which has now been fixed. This should lower loading times substantially. There will still be some loading times when the game first loads assets, so in particular when loading a level the first time.

This is the full list of fixes:
– Lowered the amount of objects in each object pool.
– Removed leaked materials in scenes and replaced these with global materials. This was a huge one, because the leak primarly affected decals, causing materials to be duplicated.
– Applied material property blocks to selectable and fading objects to prevent material leaks when objects fade in and out or colortransition.
– Added a fast forward button.
– Added enemy path visualisation at the beginning of the start of campaign levels.
– Fixed a bug where the screen would flash red at the beginning of each level as if taking damage.
– Optimized how sounds load.
– Optimized texture sizes.
– Optimized base localisation at start.
– Cleaned up redundant objects left in some scenes.
– Increased enemy speeds slightly.
– Increased the base turret range slightly.
– Compressed the game as LZ4HC, which will also helps loading times and lowers the size of the build.

That’s all for this time!

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