More achievement area details

More achievement area details


I’ve continued working on the achievement area and have finished roughly 60 percent of it now. The parking lot has been polished up so that it is as detailed as the beginning of the achievement display area. I’ve also added enemies into the scenery to make the whole thing more interesting and to add a greater reward for players getting achievements in the game.

After the parking lot, the camera now transitions to the city scape via a container wall that works well with the post apocalyptic setting of the game.

When you get through the container wall, you reach a police road block and some debris, after which you reach the last setting, the city.

There’s still some code left to do for the achievement area (panels need to display unique achievements etc.), but overall it’s all coming together nicely. Seeing everything up close also allows me to revisit models and textures and give them a final brush up before the release of the game. 🙂

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