What’s new in the upcoming version (0.72)

What’s new in the upcoming version (0.72)


Work on the next update is going well. A sort of unoticable change that has been in the work for a while is a new localization system. Instead of using hard coded files in game, the “official” translations are now read from files in the game folder and the game also checks a localization folder in the save file folder for custom translations.
This system will make it easier to not only maintain and update the current translations, but also make it easier to add new languages and will improve quality.

On the subject of translations, if you come across something that isn’t translated in your language and you know what it is supposed to be, feel free to send a message on Discord – over time the official languages should be complete again. 🙂

I’ve continued QoL work, adding the ability to quickly switch from placing a building/road to the demolition mode using the shift key.
When placing buildings, currently placed buildings will light up red or green depending on whether the prospective building is liked or disliked. This should make it easier to plan cities, especially if you are new to the game.

Ideology building work is still ongoing, with the University of Liberal Philosophy building being more or less finished. I should be able to finish the Center of Tradition building this week as well.

I’ve found some minor issues with mesh merging – specifically with palm tree avenues and pre placed grass tiles (like in tutorials). These issues have been resolved. An issue with roads connecting through tunnel walls has also been fixed.

Prospectively being added in the upcoming version is a new type of residential building that adapts to neighboring buildings of the same type. I’ll be added three densities of 2×2 adaptable residential buildings. These will come in lower, middle and upper class (ie. no mixed types). For 0.72 I’m hoping to have the complete lower class type finished.

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