Website back up and 0.54 is live!

Website back up and 0.54 is live!


0.54 is live! Here’s what’s new:

0.53 -> 0.54
– Decorative pathway added
– Added a decorative panel.
– Added frame around category buttons in trade panel to indicate they can be clicked.
– Bridge max build length increased.
– Atmoports, goods ports and aeronautics stations can now be rotated.
– Non-symmetric buildings can now be rotated (180 degrees).
– Area information added into building info window.

– Lowered baselikelihood of heatwaves.
– Heatwaves now more common if pollution is high.
– Vehicle code separated into vehicles (cars etc.) and complex vehicles (atmofleets etc.) for memory usage reasons.
– Crime policy costs lowered.
– Residential revenue lowered, commercial, industrial and hotel(ial?!) revenue increased to compensate.
– Cost of unemployment increased.
– Hydrogen power plants now included in green energy category in the budget.
– Convention centers now boost hotels.
– Third density hotels now have night time lights on.
– Ads added to new vactrainstation.
– Parks nerfed.
– Carbon storage facility output increased.
– Citizen reps. now disregard there being no welfare, if there’s instead a UBI.
– Property sales tax added. When property is sold, the revenue for the city is shown in the notice. High property sales tax will generate fewer building trades.
– Storage capacity and public transport added as visible outputs.
– Total storage space now visible in trade window

– Absorbent footprint updated.
– First density lower skill commercial footprint fixed (seam).

– Stalled cars should now correctly remove themselves when out of view.
– Fixed block type decorations interfering with roads
– Fixed incorrect distance in density calculation.
– Fixed lack of education, health and wealth (among others) lowering output on power plants. Buildings are generally affected by crime, fire safety and public transport, not the other aspects.
– Fixed bug where adaptive decorations would not load properly.
– Fixed citizen rep. happiness generally being higher than the average happiness for the city.

This update adds some new decorations – a sort of pedestrian pathway and two types of metallic panels that can be used to decorate the side of blocks.

Buildings that could previously not be rotated (atmoports and non-symmetrical buildings for example) can now be rotated. Non symmetrical buildings can be rotated around 180 degrees, as that requires no additional free space.
I’ve also extended the maximum range of bridges.

There were some missing emission maps, primarily for third density hotels, that have no been added in. On top of that a bunch of textures have been spruced up and edges/seams have been fixed.

A property sales tax has been added. This tax allows the city to make some money when conglomerates purchase buildings from one another. Adding this, I’ve also changed the likelihood of them purchasing buildings from eachother.

Storage space is now indicated with an icon, so the amount of storage “output” from for example warehouses is apparent. The city’s total storage space is also displayed in the trade window.

Area status has also been added into the building info window. So it’s now easier to see area statuses that lower the efficiency of a building.

There are also a bunch of fixes, like removing cars that have been stalled and citizen rep happiness being higher than the average happiness of the city.

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