Version 0.57 goes live!

Version 0.57 goes live!


Another update will be live in a bit! This time around, I’ve focued primarily on fixing bugs related to placement of buildings and decorations. Stuff like overpasses not being possible to build over flat blocks for example. Or overpasses and bridges sometimes building with 0 length (basically spawning an overpass/bridge object, but without and segments).

There’s also some new stuff that has been detailed in previous devlogs, like diagonal road pieces.

0.56 -> 0.57
– Added adaptive tax revenue. Higher tax revenue early on to help boost cities in the early stages.
– Adjusted health insurance cost (down) and parental benefit cost (up).
– Added diagonal road pieces.
– Corner piece added for one type of decoration.
– Changed vehicle intersection behavior. Cars should now be a bit less illbehaved (not stopping) at intersections.

– Fixed main menu not translating when switching languages in options.
– Fixed efficiency penalty calculation when resources are missing.
– Fixed bridges with zero length being possible in certain conditions.
– Fixed side decoration collider so that it can be placed after roads have been placed.
– Fixed side decoration so that it removes road connections if placed over road.
– Fixed overpasses not working over half blocks.
– Fixed flat blocks merging incorrectly in certain instances.
– Fixed not being able to place half blocks on the otherside of other half blocks.
– Fixed being able to destroy overpass block, without destroying the overpass parent object.
– Fixed main menu panel not moving out properly in higher resolutions.
– Fixed overpasses not interacting properly with water blocks.
– Fixed cars being stalled when a building is placed.
– Fixed wrong building sounds playing (for tennis court for example).
– Fixed missing mesh for a 1×1 commercial building.
– Fixed commercial footprint low detail LOD texture (density 5, wealth 5).

I’ve added in an outer corner version of one of the side decorations. For the remaining side decorations, the outer corner will be available soon (it requires some further adjustments to work properly).

Since increasing traffic density, it has become more obvious that some vehicles go rogue and decide that basic traffic rules don’t apply to them. Essentially they just skip through intersections with no regard for other vehicles. I’ve started adjusting some timing values that should make this much less common and should improve the visual look of traffic.

As mentioned above, overpasses we’re a bit buggy and have therefore been receiving some fixes. In conjunction with flat blocks, overpasses would not calculate length properly. In testing, I also discovered that flat blocks would sometimes merge incorrectly, leaving blocks that we’re in between the regular grid size. There were also issues with placing and destroying overpasses and flat blocks using the click and drag destruct function.

It’s a feature, not a bug! I’ve also discovered that buildings will connect to roads that are built directly under an overpass. This means that houses can be built on top of tunnel like areas and function properly. I found that even if this was not originally intended, it does make sense and it will be left in.

Alongside the ongoing ideology work, cars will receive further improvements moving forward. Also, another tutorial is being added in for the next update as well as the aforementioned outer corner for the remaining side decorations.

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