Up and coming in 0.39

Up and coming in 0.39


Recently I’ve been getting to work on the aeronautics station that will spawn blimps and can be used to connect “islands” of the city with resources and labour. The aeronautics station will (understandably) not connect electricity and water, but allow labour to travel across the city and resources to be moved around the city easily.


I’ve added additional disasters that can be triggered manually or occur randomly: Heatwave, blizzard, crime wave and epidemics. There’s some more work needed to visually convey heatwave or blizzard, but currently it uses the vegetation shader to display dry grass or snow.


The next version will feature another 2×2 park and plaza building as well:


There’s a bunch of bug fixes going into the next version as well; among them a fix for research stalling, a fix for 2×2 second density first tier industry being incorrectly mapped when loading cities (and as a result, the building is not loaded) as well as a fix to the goto home/work feature in the citizen representative panel.


In version 0.39 the current university building will be “downgraded” to a community college and a new university building will be added in. More billboards are being worked in, as well as hotel LOD:s and (hopefully) another density for hotels.

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