Small aeroports, more traffic and a bunch of fixes – 0.56 goes live.

Small aeroports, more traffic and a bunch of fixes – 0.56 goes live.

0.56 goes live!Hello!

0.56 is now live, here’s what’s new since the last update.

0.55 -> 0.56
– Expropriation policy now fully functional. Costs of destructing zones are higher when enabled, but conglomerates retain their happiness levels.
– Goodsport now has full animation.
– Goodsport function now fully implemented. If there’s enough capacity, more can imported in shorter time. Import rate 25-250 units per time tick.
– Added small aeroport station (less of a growth boost in surrounding zones, but can be placed on small islands).
– Added basic city planning tutorial
– Added building sound when it is placed.
– Added low poly shadow casters and LOD for convention center,
– Added low poly shadow casters for hotel third density 4×4 buildings.
– Increased car count per building.
– Added unique color for supply buildings in view modes when viewing demand for education, health and crime safety (for example).
– Improved performance of viewmodes.
– Updated german localization – addition of missing text elements coming later on.

– Fixed blimps landing in the same location.
– Fixed roads sometimes connecting through decorations placed on edges.
– Fixed cogwheel not spinning in building info window.
– Fixed cars despawning incorrectly.
– Fixed cars stalling when spawned.
– Issue with sliders not displaying in the building information window should now be fixed.

The small aeroports are in this version, making small, unconnected islands more viable.

The recently fixed goods port animations have been tidied up and code has been cleaned up.

I’ve also continued working on traffic code after having separated vehicles into two classes – regular vehicle and complex vehicle. Cars (regular vehicles) have been a bit buggy since, often stalling or despawning. Most of these issues have now been fixed. Cars no longer stall for example, but may remain inactive but visible for a while before receiving their paths – this will be polished up for the next version.

The amount of cars active has also been increased now that it’s more predictable how many are active in the scene when they don’t despawn incorrectly.

A new tutorial has also been added in – a basic road and city planning tutorial giving some tips on how to make things grow and ways to place roads effectively.

The tutorial also briefly mentions how building reach works – both in terms of buildings reaching roads, and the reach of a building’s effects.

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