Sixth density buildings underway

Sixth density buildings underway


I’m taking a short break from ideology buildings until I regain some design inspiration. In the meantime I’m going back to working on the last density for 4×4 residential buildings – the super tall 6th density!

First finished one is the lowest tier, the lower class. This one holds just above 1400 citizens at maximum efficiency. The sixth tier won’t grow until the city has reached a population of roughly 315k. In other words, these are later stage buildings.

I’m hoping to have all 6th tier residential buildings in by next update, due out next monday.

I was informed of a money bug on the sixth campaign level. This was an easy fix and an update will be up fixing this later today.

There was also a bug where corner decoration pieces would sometimes not work properly with angled pieces due to a slightly oversized collider. The sanctuary on place and on click sound was also incorrect, but now fixed.

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