Sanctuaries and more flexible decorations.

Sanctuaries and more flexible decorations.


A small update is coming tomorrow already! I had initially planned on doing a 2 week leg of dev, but found some minor annoyances that I want to have fixed.
What’s new will be the addition of more corner pieces for decorations. Tiles can now also be flipped, adding more customization alternatives.

I’ve continued work on ideology buildings, taking some time off from the big buildings to make some of the decorations.

I’ve corrected block-like decorations, like the U shaped side block, so that they correct to the U-shaped road piece.

A sanctuary building is making its way into the game as well. This is an early game culture building – helping fix the lack of culture buildings available for small cities.

Also continued working on adjusting challenge level and main campaign level objectives to better fit with newer systems.

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