New residential building type and new farms!

New residential building type and new farms!


I’m finishing up on the remaining work for the upcoming update. This update will be fairly small as it introduces a whole new type of residential building which has taken quite a bit of work to get working properly – the quarter.

There will be three tiers for these, lower class, middle class and upper class and they will be able to reach three densities (heights). First one out of the gate is the lower class, first density.

Quarters are will allow for denser cities and for more customization as they adapt to surrounding buildings. The lower class quarter building has a high population density and so will allow for building a large lower class population without using up too much space.

Of course, packing many citizens into a small space means police and fire department coverage must be good, as well as education and health care coverage.

Another new addition is a new type of cereal and legume farm. These are costly but highly space efficient farms with high output (higher than greenhouses on less space).

These farms can also be built in middle to upper class neighborhoods without incurring a penalty.

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