New parks!

New parks!


The past week I’ve worked on refining the easy-normal-hard settings. Currently, I want to stretch the boom/bust cycle slightly on easy mode, to make the bust cycle slightly slower or the boom cycle slightly longer to make economy easier on easy mode.
I’m also making additional adjustments on things like conglomerate behavior, making them less angry when you demolish things etc.

I also got a request for irregular shaped parks, so I’ve started working on those. An idea that popped in my head was to have a sort of park that also works like a transition between different levels in the city. So I made this 2×3 sized park:

On top of that I’m making a 3×4 park, seen here:

I found a bug that prevents rotating the special road pieces. This will be fixed in the upcoming update to the game. On the side of working on the new ideology decorations, I will also be starting up production on 3×3 residences and commercial buildings.

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