New bridges and additional UI fixes and tweaks

New bridges and additional UI fixes and tweaks


Didn’t post an update last week, as most of the work recently has gone into minor refinements and fixes for the UI. Although still heavily into UI work, I’ve tried to vary the work a bit by adding some new buildings and tweaking systems a bit.


New bridges! This is a more classical look – a golden gate bridge type. There’s also a new bridge with a more futuristic look being added – but that one is not quite finished yet.


The econopedia is getting some updates, most recently I fixed the input/output panel. This one will be getting some additional features after the upcoming version.


I’ve been tweaking collider sizes for icons – previously the status icons would overlap the building category buttons a bit, which meant you could get incorrect inputs. This is now fixed, as is the fire and welfare safety icon blinking red even though conditions have been met.


Using shift + mouse wheel now switches buildings within the same category. This also meant I needed to move the building name to the small cost bar so that it’s easy to keep track of what building you have selected currently.


The tutorials have also been tidied up a bit since some recent additions. There will be some more work put into these before the next tutorial (on tourism) gets added in.

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