New block types and better mesh merging

New block types and better mesh merging


A bit late with the devlog, but here it is!

I’m currently finishing up on the new block pieces (adding inner and outer corners etc). There are now an inner and outer rounded slope piece that works well with the road pieces of the same type.

Having redone part of how building placement works, I’ve been able to add in more interesting pieces – like the recently added vactrack tunnel. I’ve now also added a proper road tunnel.

I’ll be redoing part of how road placement works to allow roads to be placed directly on these sloped pieces, instead of having to place individual, specific blocks with the road already attached. This should make using them a bit more natural.

I’ve also redone one of the core systems – how blocks and water blocks are merged to produce bigger mesh chunks, which preserve memory with there being fewer objects but also makes shadow casting more efficient. Now grass tiles, roads and plaza tiles are also added to the merger.

There’s some more stuff coming in the upcoming version, but more on that in the upcoming devlog!

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