More industry added

More industry added


Decided to really push forward with 3×3 industry and now all three tiers are finished. Will have these live through an update tomorrow.


Lower tier industry was added in last update, but only the first density. Now all three densities are finished (bar some polish).


The middle tier is also finished, as is the upper tier:


There’s still some additional prop work to be done, but overall they are pretty complete and fully functional.


With the 3×3 industry added, all industrial zones are now complete. I might return to add 4×4 variations in the future, but that will be post full release in that case.

I’ve continued optimizing textures, since there are still quite a few buildings to add and preserving memory is key before adding more stuff in. I’m fairly content with the balance between texture size and quality now. Overall normal maps and gloss textures have more compression and less resolution, while the main texture now has less compression. I find this is a good balance.


Next update around I will have finished the remaining hotel buildings as well as polished up the UI. Hopefully also finishing up on blimps (long overdue)!

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