More high rises, new block types and resource price tweaks

More high rises, new block types and resource price tweaks


The upcoming version is a few days away still – I plan on having this live on wednesday evening or thursday around noon the latest (Central european time).

The upcoming version adds the remainder of the 6th density for 4x commercial buildings. From there I will continue work on ideology buildings as well as the remainder of hotel buildings (a 4th density as well as 3×3 sizes).

I’ve added in a new type of block, which is a kind of half way decorative side block that can be built on.

I’m also working on a block type with a round hole in it to allow for vacuum train tracks to pass through – however, I’m not yet certain if this will make it into the next update – it depends on how much of a problem they cause. 🙂

The upcoming version also boosts tourism, which previously has been very low. Cities that have quite a bit of entertainment and culture should now attract quite a few tourists!
Construction material and consumer goods prices have been tweaked.

Factories producing building materials have been boosted a bit so that they produce slightly more each time tick. This is especially the case with concrete factories. Upkeep costs have also been tweaked slightly. The idea is to make it more expensive to constantly import building materials, making own production more viable. This also means trading becomes a better source of income in dire times!

Prices for food and raw materials have not been tweaked, but this will be done in the version after the next. These changes will not be as dramatic however.

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