Midbarriers, new destruct hologram and moving buildings – 0.7 goes live

Midbarriers, new destruct hologram and moving buildings – 0.7 goes live


I missed the previous devlog due to being downed by vaccination. But here’s the latest in Atmocity development!

It seems like good timing to round off the latest dev stretch with an update, so 0.7 is here!

0.69 -> 0.7
– Hard mode added. More tweaks to come to this over time.
– New destruction hologram added. This one looks nicer and has no Z-fighting issues.
– Added ability to move buildings
– Made happiness related to pollution more closely relative to population levels (higher population, higher tolerance).
– Avenues can now be placed on sloped blocks.
– Added roads into material merger.
– Building a tunnel now automatically adds a road.
– Destroying tunnels removes existing road inside.
– Busstop destruct hologram added.
– Road now reverts as expected when removing busstop.
– Added a midbarrier object that can be used to prevent roads from automerging.

– Fixed roads with street lights spawning inconcistently around inner city buildings.
– Fixed efficient recycling research item – cost reduction was incorrectly cost increase.
– Fixed year cycle translations in options menu.
– Fixed year cycle options sticking in dropdown menu.
– Fixed building hologram displaying blue, but not being able to be placed when hovering over special buildings blocks are placed to not allow being built on.
– Fixed school shadowcaster producing odd shadowing on the building itself.

– ZoneType enumerator deprecated and replaced with a Vector. This means that footprints on buildings now is done a bit differently. If you come across a building that can’t be placed properly (for example looks as if it is placed between grids) give me a shout!

– Known issues: If you previously had a city in a flat level. Resources required per research item is a bit jumbled up. Research still works properly, except some items will be less costly than they should be.

Hard mode has been added in! This is still not fully tweaked, so more work will be done on this mode. An achievement will be added later on, but only after the mode seems fairly stable and finished.

This version wraps up some previous work on, for example, roads on sloped building blocks etc. Avenues have now been added into this system and should work as expected.

A midbarrier has been added as well! This prevents roads from automatically merging (as illustrated in the images below).

This update fixes a bunch of smaller issues – among them the building hologram not showing red despite trying to place over a block type that doesn’t support buildings.

Roads and trams have been added into the material/mesh merger, to improve performance further. I’ve also fixed roads not automatically adapting when buildings are placed around them (they’re supposed to get street lights and pavements when residential, commercial or hotel buildings are placed nearby).

The destruction hologram has been updated to look nicer and to avoid z-fighting. This new system will later on also be used to display buildings red or green depending on whether they like or dislike a nearby building. This will make it easier to know beforehand if a building will be disliked.

Buildings can now also be moved. The exception is stations buildings, as they have a slightly different function. Moving buildings is rather pricey, and depend on building size and density.

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