Last entry for 2019!

Last entry for 2019!


This entry will be a short one as progress has been slow this past week and holidays are just around the corner!

I’m currently working on some optimizations for when cities have grown into a fairly large size. I’m going to create a “short cut” of sorts for when buildings need to find a road to attach to when they grow as this has been a source of sporadic slow down. I’ve also started implementing cross fading between lods, which means I’ve been able to lower the distance for the first LOD without visable pop-in etc. I’m hoping to be able to quickly add a distance LOD so that the city sky line will show even at very long distances (right now the city “fades out” when the camera is far away).


I’ve started reworking the post processing stack a bit for optimization purposes as well as lighting for visibility purposes. The main purpose with the latter being to have the entirety of the city properly lit, regardless of whether it is built on the “underside” or “upside”.


Since the last update, the policy system is now rigged for continued implementation, meaning I can now start adding in the “edge case” political systems, starting with communism and laissez faire capitalism, as these are the most tricky ones that require reworking parts of the underlying systems in the game. More on this will follow in the next devlog.


In the next update, I will have fixed the missing translations as well as adding more tutorials. I also hope to start getting both citizen reps and advisors in. Advisors are just your “team” that will help you out in different scenarios. Citizen reps are citizens you will be able to follow and who will give you their take on how the city is doing.


As mentioned, this was a short entry. Next devlog will be up on the first sunday of next year (in roughly two weeks)! Happy holidays!

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