Hotels, click and drag construction and texture optimization

Hotels, click and drag construction and texture optimization


This week I’ve started working on hotel buildings. In terms of code, tourism is more or less already functional, although it needs some tweaks here and there, but hasn’t been set live since there haven’t been any hotel buildings.
I’ll be added the 1×1, 2×2 and 4×4 versions lower, middle to upperclass at the same time, one density at a time.

Here’s the lower class first densities:


The middle class, first density hotel buildings are also “done” (some tweaking remains):


I’ve also incorporated click and drag construction for all building types now. Previously, this was available only for 1×1.


Some new resources will make their way into the game in the next version: Flowers, dyes and textiles. Textiles will be a consumed resource in hotels. Dyes are made from flowers, and textiles are made from wood and dyes.


I’ve started changing import settings for textures (primarily normal maps and gloss maps), to make room for additional textures. I’ve also tweaked existing shaders to remove some stuff that is no longer in use and to make materials less heavy. The tree shader has also been changed so that trees now receive shadows properly!

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