Diagonal roads, even more vehicles and early game tax adjustments

Diagonal roads, even more vehicles and early game tax adjustments


I got caught up with work yesterday, so last week’s devlog ended up being posted today instead!

Current work is focused on some new additions, namely diagonal roads!

They are placed the same way roundabouts and either special road pieces are placed, so they are quite as flexible as the regular straight roads, but still offer a lot of possibilities for customization. More work on diagonal pieces will be done later on, and I’m also planning for some special zones that can be placed in the triangular spaces left on the sides of the digonal roads.

Since vehicle performance is fairly solid now, I’ve upped the amount of active cars in view as well. A thing that remains to be done is to fix cars spawning very closely to eachother, but that is more of a visual issue rather than functional, so it has less priority.

I’ve also added a way to place outer corner pieces for decorations:

I’m making further adjustments to tax revenue from zoned buildings. From the next version they will start generating slightly less tax revenue to promote the use of other means to make money. In order to avoid this making the early game too difficult, there’s a bit of a revenue bonus that lasts quite some time into the game.

Next version should be live next monday!

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