Changes to plazas, vegetation shader and fade out

Changes to plazas, vegetation shader and fade out


The recent update to fix an issue with the option menu, added some new stuff!

I’ve updated a handful of decorations to use world space textures instead, meaning they will tile seamlessly. In updating them, I also made them work properly with seasons, meaning they will go brown in autumn and white in winter.

On top of this, I’ve updated the existing plaza buildings so that they work seamlessly together with these decorations as well as other plazas, meaning you can make more customized plaza areas.

In the next update I will make the same changes to the existing parks and grass type decorations. This isn’t as big a job, but should make it possible to make more dedicated park areas.

I noticed some stuff wrong with the big vac train station texture (grass area was glossy). This has now been fixed.

I recently mentioned that the fade out ramp texture was changed. For some reason Unity didn’t seem to manage to load it at run time the first time you open a city, so I have now added it via inspector to make sure it always works properly. This ramp is a type of raster that makes the fade out more akin to transparency (without the performance hit) unlike the previous that used the destruction ramp.

On top of these changes I’ve changed the vegetation shader to not calculate vegetation movement if vegetation is further away (since this mostly just looks like jittery aliasing anyway). This also improves performance of the shader a bit, as less calculation is done overall.

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