Bus stops, more monorail fixes and new trade features

Bus stops, more monorail fixes and new trade features


Work is progressing on the upcoming version. I’ll be getting the last density for the 4×4 hotel buildings in, but have started with some minor additions and fixes.

I’ve continued work on ironing out some issues with monorails – I noticed for example that the collider for the up/down piece was a bit buggy.

I’ve increased the minimum population required for tram, monorail and vactrain stations and added in a small bus stop that can cover some minor public transport requirements. As pictured, they can also be stacked fairly neatly to produce more public transport output.

I’ve added a function to allow trade items to be triggered at a specific price point. So for example, if you want to start selling a bunch of goods once the market price is above a certain level, then that can be done now.

I’ve also continued work on added more billboards, starting with a rounded one – here for use on the vertical vactrain station:

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