Billboards, more cars and pathfinding.

Billboards, more cars and pathfinding.


Short update this week! Most of the work this past week has been focused on systems work, so que mostly random images!


First of all, the billboard shader has been expanded so that I can animate images. The animations are different types of sweeps from image to black and different types of fade in and swapping images.


While wrapping up the recent changes to the calculation thread, I also got around to adding in exact counts for the number of 1×1 through 4×4 zones in the city.


Vehicle counts have also been increased. More can still be done to fill streets, but since I’ve gotten performance up both in general and in vehicle code, I think this can be increased more fairly soon.
On the subject of vehicles, I’m in the process of reworking aircraft code to implement blimp movement. Currently I’m still working on path finding, since this has been very dodgy for the airfleets that land at the atmoport. This should hopefully be improved in the upcoming version, and can then be used by blimps as well.


Hotel density 2 is underway as well. Tourism will get a lot of tweaks in this version to get it up and running in a more balanced manner.

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