Atmocity devlog entry #32

Atmocity devlog entry #32


Work continues on the game! Focus this week has been to finish up the vactrain construction and getting it to section the city properly so that resources are shared in the connected parts of the city. The only thing that remains now is to have actual trains travel through the tubes (will be done next week). Here’s a test with determining what is connected and assigning different network codes to each interconnected system:

The vactrain system will make it easier to section off parts of the city, such as dirty industrial areas, and connect remote residential areas.

The French, Spanish, Russian and Swedish translations have been updated. I’m hoping to get the remaining translation (german) next week, so that this can be implemented as well. This is the last remaining element to get an approved build on Steam. There’s been more work put into policy effects and costs. These adjustments follow a fairly substantial test city that I’ve started building.
I’ve also added some QoL enhancements such as a max output information display when hovering over buildings in the building selection menu.

Another QoL improvement is a grid displayed when placing buildings, blocks or roads. This will make it easier to plan cities.


Next week I will also be working on squashing some bugs and making some minor improvements to systems before I move on to a bit of optimization work. This will lead up to the next version, which releases next weekend.


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