A bit of info on the upcoming version

A bit of info on the upcoming version


A bit of a later than usual devlog.
The game had a small update the other day to fix some bugs, among them a rare crash bug that occured when threads would deadlock when exiting to the menu. This is now resolved! The update also tidied up some of the building placement code and fixed some issues with the UI not updating resource costs etc.

The upcoming version is in the works, and I will detail some of the things I aim to have added into the game for 0.34.


Indoor stadiums! This one is finished already and a given addition in the upcoming update.


I’ve managed to get a system working for turning animated stuff on during the night and off again during the day. I will be using this system for billboards, which I aim to start adding into the game in the upcoming version.


Some new decorations will be added as well. This will autoadapt to surrounding decorations of the same type, similarly to the rounded blocks. I’m also adding a flat block that can be used transition between different heights and add even more variation into city design.


The second density for hotels will be added in, and I should also have a functioning fire disaster in as well as mechanics for putting fires out etc.


Since public transport will be put aside for a while, next up in terms of systems is to expand on ideology. So that will be getting a bit more work moving forward.

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