0.875 is live!

0.875 is live!

0.875 is live!Hello!

A new version is live. Main focus is on fixes and improvements to UI.

0.87 -> 0.875
– Added additional atmoport, buildable once the city hits 125k population.
– Added option to customize panning direction in x and y directions.
– Added option to invert panning directions.
– Added missing percentage sign on efficiency in building information view.
– Added reverse color logic for resources on the top bar. Crime increasing flashes red instead of green for example.
– Added shortcut to the next campaign level when finishing a level.
– Added icons and value displays for goods and person traffic capacity of atmoports and goodsports.
– Added missing resource description text in top status bar (english only currently).

– Made some minor performance improvements in the main building shader and vegetation shader.
– Moved some of the building item menus so that they don’t end up outside of the screen when UI size is increased.
– Refined atmo fleet landing movement on atmoports.
– Tidied up objectives interface.
– Adjusted pollution tolerance with city size.
– Adjusted icon resolution for a handful of resource icons.

– Fixed missed timing between calculation thread and updating values in the top bar and objectives causing values to flicker between zero and non-zero values.
– Fixed flickering building count values in objectives display in campaign and challenge levels.
– Fixed some block types not working properly on space/temporary blocks.
– Fixed partially missing night time stars.
– Fixed missing trails on returning atmofleets.
– Fixed incorrectly aligned action buttons in building information panel.
– Fixed bug where “Completion” icon in challenges and campaign would sometimes get stuck halfway when appearing.

An additional Atmoport has been added. This one unlocks when the city has grown in size and supports more people going in and out of the city.

Along with the new atmoport, I’ve also added in additional icons (among them for traffic capacity) to improve information to the player on how much a building contributes to a specific item of interest. This also goes for goods traffic in the goods port.

Aside from this, I’m continually working on improving icon resolution so that I can improve the size of resource icons further in the near future.

I’m also placing a lot of focus on improving the UI. A lot of this work is aimed at improving text size and simplifying certain views. As with icons, this is an ongoing project.

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