0.862 is live!

0.862 is live!


I’ve made an update to the game to add in some fixes and new content. There’s some ongoing UI work, so the UI might look a bit different in some places, but it should all fall into place in the next update.

0.861 -> 0.862
Changed hologram shader to bring out more building details in hologram during placement.
Added second density of 3×3 middle class commercial buildings.
Added second density of 3×3 mixed tier class commercial buildings.

Adjusted building footprint shader to lower artefacting from texture compression.

Fixed two decorations (1×2 sized) that had a messed up texture.
Fixed stair decoration not properly aligning to grid and thus not being placable.
Fixed adaptable blocks on circle block decorations not adapting to buildings built on top when loading city.
Fixed vac track end caps missing.
Fixed z-fighting in some building foot prints.
Fixed temp blocks’ texture disappearing when lowering texture quality.

The mixed tier 3×3 second density commercial building is in!

As is the middle class equivalent as well:

I’ve changed the hologram shader for when buildings are placed to one that has better readability. This is helpful in particular with different block types and some of the parks where the former, flat hologram would be different to discern direction from.

Some of the upcoming UI changes involve being able to customize what resources you want to display in the bottom bar as well as some adjustments to font sizes. Once that is all in place, there will also be some adjustments made to allow for further UI upscaling.

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