0.857 is live!

0.857 is live!


I’ve updated the game!

0.856 -> 0.857
– Entertainment output of entertainment buildings increased.
– Third tier (Middle class) 3×3 third density added.
– Fourth tier (Upper middle class) 3×3 third density added.
– Added click and drag functionality for roundabouts (click and drag to change the size rather than placing several).

– Changed import options for recently added textures.
– Changed import options for building textures to remove alpha channel (which isn’t used but took up memory).

– Possible fix for slow shutdown of the game when cities are large (this is likely due to a thread taking a long time to quit).

– Fixed LOD settings for recently added buildings.
– Fixed incorrect population requirement for buildings to grow displayed when playing on a flat world.

As mentioned, I’ve added in more of the 3×3 third density buildings. Only the upper class variants remain.

I’ve changed the way placing roundabouts work. Previously each size roundabout was a distinct item that needed to be selected before placing. You could click and drag to place several roundabouts at a time. This is usually not what you want to do (have a set of interconnected roundabouts…) so I changed it so that there is only one item to select and clicking and dragging will change the size of the roundabout. That way I can also compress the amount of items in the road group.

I’ve also done some minor optimization, changing texture import settings and some LOD settings for recently added buildings.

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