0.856 live!

0.856 live!


I’m in the process of adding in the recently mentioned “zone planner” feature and block painting. This is a bit time consuming, so I’ve opted to continue making some smaller updates on the side while this work is ongoing.

Here’s what’s new:

0.855 -> 0.856
– Updated view modes to work better with changed post processing stack.
– Increased wealth requirement for commercial zones and hotel zones.
– Increased traffic visibility and added it into the draw distance option.
– Shrunk the large sanctuary building slightly and added props to it to make it look nicer.
– Added second tier 3×3 third density
– Rebalanced local area effect requirements of residential zones. Overall residences should require less culture and entertainment up until the 4th density, which require slightly more. Also fire safety requirements are lower and crime generation is also lower. Later on industry will be the primary source of fire safety demands, and industry and commerce will be the main zones that require police protection.

– Fixed blimps not spawning correctly.
– Fixed there being too many conglomerates in older saves. This would cause some buildings to be incorrectly displayed in the owner view.
– Fixed small wind turbine, wood burner and batteries now showing as power production buildings in the type view.
– Fixed fog color in icey flat world.
– Fixed shadow caster on both sanctuary buildings and 3×3 lower class residential buildings.

I’ve started reworking local area effects, starting with residential buildings. There have been so many things added into the game over time, that it’s become necessary to rebalance things. For starters, there are too few entertainment buildings and the demands for entertainment have been too high. So I’ve started tweaking this slightly.
The idea is also to get more mixed areas to be required, ie not placing all commerce in one area etc. But more on that later!

Third and last density for second tier 3×3 residences added!

I’ve continued working on the post processing stack and tweaking layer render distances a bit. This makes traffic show for greater distances.

The view modes were a bit bugged since changing the post processing stack. This has now been fixed. I’ve also added greater color separation in the building type view.

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