0.855 is live!

0.855 is live!


I’ve updated the game. What’s new:

0.85 -> 0.855
– Post processing stack overhauled.
– Focus distance changed.
– Shadow contrast changed.
– Third density for lower class 3×3 added.
– Fine tuned clip ramp for buildings fading at distance.
– Revised nighttime lighting.

– Fixed collider issue with rounded grass tiles.

The collider issue was with the grass tile meant for the rounded block type:

I’ve refined the clip ramp to make the distance building fade out a bit more detailed (it looked blocky before).

The entire post processing stack has been changed. Some effects moved over to a new asset, while others have been tweaked in the existing asset. Pictured below is the improved depth of field which also means the calculation for focus has also been greatly improved. For those that dislike DoF, the effect can be turned off as usual.

I’ve extended the reflection probe distance so that buildings don’t “black out” so close to the camera. The distance has also been tied in with the render distance so that the reflection probe distance shrinks when a lower render distance is used. Overall, this improves visual fidelity.

I’ve also changed the shader code so that nighttime lighting has a bit more punch:

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