0.85 is live!

0.85 is live!


Version 0.85 is now live! What’s new?

– Correctional centers now produce “correctional cells”, instead of policing like it did before. This means correctional centers become necessary over time. Police departments can hold some inmates as well.
– Crime calculation changed. Criminals are now a demographic in the city and need to be handled in correctional centers or in a smaller amount of cells available in police departments.
– Updated needs and output values for 3×3 residential buildings.
– Reverted back to TAA (temporal anti aliasing). It adds a bit of jitter in small details, but overall looks nicer. Jitter will be fixed over time.
– Changed building foot print texture import settings to lower memory use.
– Changed building foot print shader to better solve pixelated edges between different texture types (grass and asphalt for example). This increases visual fidelity.

– Fixed bug where roads would not connect on tunnels placed around corners.
– Fixed rotational bug on solar plant panels.

I’ve fixed a an issue with roads not connecting around corners when one side is built in a tunnel. This was an issue caused by an earlier fix of roads connecting through tunnel walls. Now it should ALL be working as intended! 😀 I’ve also addressed an issue with the solar panel rotations. The rotation would not work properly with solar panels built on the side of blocks.

I’ve also made changes to the shader used for building footprints. It used to produce some unsightly artifacts (left in image) between then mapped areas (grass, asphalt etc.). I’ve managed to get this to look nicer, while also being able to compress the textures more. This should save about 40mb in texture memory.

There were some values for the newly added 3×3 residences that were incorrect. Primarily they required way more entertainment than they should. This has now been fixed.

Police departments and Correctional centers now produce “correctional cells” or jail cells. I’ve also changed how crime is calculted to add in a “criminal” demographic. This means a city needs to have enough cells to house criminals.

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