0.83 live!

0.83 live!


A new version will be live in a bit! Here’s what’s new:

0.82 -> 0.83
– Changed template selection in main menu, selecting a template no longer starts the game at normal difficulty. Instead you can adapt the settings freely and start the game using the specified template (which makes more sense :)).
– Economic crashes no longer occur on easy mode. Instead, economy fluctuates smoothly.
– Added text box to describe the differences between the difficulty modes. Localizations will be added in later.
– Easy modes now has an increase likelihood of conglomerates making offers.
– Updated one of the templates to avoid size issues when starting a template on a minimum sized world
– Changed texture mipmap settings to avoid buildings looking overly dark at a distance.
– Adjusted the camera startlocation depending on world size
– Added a display size of area placed when placing blocks and also road length.
– Added 1×1 tradition ideology decoration.

– Fixed so that starting a small world will “crop” a remaining templates.
– Fixed loading bug where cities would revert to normal difficulty if started in difficult or easy mode.
– Fixed collider size issue with path decoration.

The main menu’s free roam world setup has gotten some changes. The world created, and primarily the difficulty setting used, is described. It is now also possible to properly select a block template and setup a world, rather than clicking a template starting a world on normal difficulty.

The tradition ideology 1×1 decoration is now done:

This means that all four ideology “groups” have 1×1 decorations now, more might follow later on, but for now I will settle with these and move on to 2×2.

I noticed there was a bug that reverted cities to normal mode after loading them, this has now been fixed. Easy mode has also gotten some additional adjustments.

Texture import settings have been changed a bit again, to avoid textures fading out at far distances and making the skyline look dark, rather than fade to the current fog color.

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