0.82 goes live!

0.82 goes live!


After spending time mainly ironing out bugs and adding in QoL improvements, I’m now back to a proper update schedule starting with adding in additional ideology-related decorations and expanding on energy production options.
I’ve also got another tutorial and some additional refinement planned, which should make it in for next update.

In this update.

0.81 -> 0.82
– Fixed destruction indication not working on recently added pipes.
– Fixed midbarriers not working together with pipes and pipes not adapting properly around mid barriers.
– 6×6 carbon power plant added.
– 6×6 solar power plant added.
– 4×4 solar power plant overhauled.
– Small order decoration added

– Minor adjustments to difficulty settings
– Optimizations to road calculations
– Minor adjustments to midbarrier colliders and an asortment of buildings colliders that were slightly too large.

As mentioned above, the 4×4 solar power plant has been overhauled. I wanted to use the circular version for the 6×6, so I decided to give the 4×4 version a different look.

The circular version has been scaled up and refined a bit:

The carbon power plant gets a 6×6 version as well:

The larger versions become available as the city grows larger, as they require upkeep that isn’t viable when a city is small. They produce way more power for less resources and less foot print.

The ideology decorations have started being added in, starting with revolution and order decorations:

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