0.74 is live!

0.74 is live!


0.74 will be live in a bit and add in some new buildings and fix a few issues:

0.73 -> 0.74
– Lower class quarters density 2 and 3 added.
– Middle class quarters density 1-3 added.
– New block type added.
– Sandbox mode added. Cities built in what was formerly the easy mode with infinite money, will no longer have infinite money, but will still be easier. Sandbox mode also unlocks all buildings.
– Tweaked population count etc. for lower class quarters.

– Fixed being able to place roads over grass tiles on sloped blocks.
– Fixed block end cap decoration not working on some of the special blocks.
– Fixed not being able to build (for example grass) decorations on both the rounded and flat side of a special block at the same time.
– Fixed not being able to place (for example grass) decorations on the rounded corner block.
– Fixed grass tile (without trees) not saving properly.
– Fixed missing sound for Quarters when clicked.

First off, the second and third density for the lower class quarter has been added in! There have also been some tweaks to the first density’s values. I’ve also fixed the missing doorbell sound when placing the building or when clicking it.

The middle class quarters are now also in, density one through three! These won’t house quite as many citizens as the lower class quarter buildings do, but also do not come with quite as many requirements for policing and fire department coverage etc.

A sandbox mode has been added! That means that the infinite money that was previously available in the easy mode is no more. If you had a city going in easy mode, you will have a tonne of cash, but it will no longer be infinite! Easy mode has a slightly better global economy and a more generous happiness calculation. There are also no disasters.

The sandbox mode has infinite money, and all buildings are unlocked from the start.

A new special block has been added – a 45 degree angled block. This is the last block type to be added before version 1 of the game. There is a small issue with traffic on the 45 degree angled road, but connections work properly otherwise.

I’ve also fixed some issues where grass tiles could not be placed properly on some of the special blocks. There are a few edge cases left to adress, but overall it should all work much better now.

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