0.69 goes live – Halloween is back!

0.69 goes live – Halloween is back!


I’m pushing an update to fix some minor issues and to add some overall polish in building placement etc.

0.68 -> 0.69
– Pumpkins are back!
– Lowered concrete cost for foundations.
– Tweaked tax income from RCI and H. Early tax income bonus time increased.
– Increased emergency loan size.
– Lab credit upkeep cost reduced.
– Added difficulty slider in world creation screen. Hard mode coming in 0.7.
– Atlantis mode deprecated – cities made in this mode will be converted to the newly added easy mode (same thing).
– Ensured camera is returned to source position after camera shake.
– Lowered screenshake when placing buildings.
– Updated 2×1 sized decorations to match plaza type decorations and plazas.
– Increased culture output of upgraded mayoral house.
– Added slight culture output from mayoral house and city hall.
– Added busstops to public transport view so they are easier to spot.
– Adjusted destruct particles to get recycled quicker.

– Tidied up object placement hologram so that it doesn’t “fly in” when selected.
– Tidied up code for placing grass and roads on newly added blocks.

– Fixed (most likely) demand calculation for buildings unaffected by the global economy. This issue usually showed itself as production buildings having 0 labour for example.
– Fixed placement hologram not disappearing when switching from building to bull dozer.
– Fixed park footprint to work with world textures.
– Fixed not being able to place tram tracks on road tile after busstop has been placed on the same tile.
– Fixed roads connecting via the side of busstops.
– Fixed missing tunnel face icon.
– (Prospective) fix for resetting controls to default.
– Fixed UI color and shadow/texture quality resetting when resetting to defaults.

There was an issue where factory and building output would sometimes “cut off”. This was due to a calculation error for buildings unaffected by the global economy. This is hopefully fixed, or at the very least much less common now.

I’ve tweaked tax income from RCIH and some building upkeep costs as well as lowered concrete costs for foundations (making city expansion a bit cheaper in that regard).

I’ve also added a slight culture output from mayor’s house and city hall buildings.

I’ve also cleaned up building placement code and made it smoother.

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