0.68 is live!

0.68 is live!


I was notified that Atlantis mode wasn’t displaying the blocks properly (due to the object merger missing the initial blocks there) – SO! Game has been updated to fix this issue, and a bunch of other minor changes!

0.67 -> 0.68
– New block icons added.
– Added being able to build trams on new block types.
– Added missing night time lighting for fourth tier highest density commercial building.
– Grid now follows pointer when placing blocks
– Lowered volume of police and fire department vehicles as well as ambulances.
– Park footprints adapted to be surrounded by grass to better match with park-like decorations.
– Adjusted school footprint to better match surroundings.
– Improved vehicle performance.
– Improved car intersection behavior.

– Fixed cars not moving properly on the outer rounded block type.
– Fixed road tunnels not saving properly.
– Fixed tram movement issues.
– Fixed trams not spawning.
– Fixed roads connecting through the side of a tunnel if there is a road directly outside and the road in the tunnel was placed after the other road.
– Fixed shadow caster in tunnels.
– Fixed bug where Atlantis level blocks would not be sent to block merger and thus become invisible.
– Fixed destruct sound for demolishing buildings.
– Fixed placement frame not being removed when placing decorations on items (as click and drag isn’t available).

There were some issues relating to the newly added block types, tunnels not saving for example or cars not being able to move properly over the certain road types. These have now been addressed.

Trams can now be built over the new road types on sloped or slanted blocks. In working with trams I also noticed a few issues that have been addressed – among them trams not spawning properly when placing a tram station.

I’ve started cleaning up building, block and road placement code and fixed some minor bugs there. For example, the click and drag frame would display even for decorations that can only be placed individually.

Some of the park textures have been cleaned up so they don’t have paths leading to the edge of the footprint in order to make it easier to build large park areas that blend together well.

This update was a bit rushed to fix the Atlantis mode bug, but I should have another build up fairly soon to cover the remainder of hotels for example.

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