0.62 goes live! More skyscrapers!

0.62 goes live! More skyscrapers!


I’m updating the game to add a few more of the sixth density buildings.

Upper class:

Mixed tier (middle/upper class):

This means all of the tier 1-5 sixth density 4×4 (wow that’s a mouthful!) residential buildings are finished. I still need to add in the night time lighting and fix the LODs, though.

I’ve also made some adjustments to the density requirement in order to grow these buildings. Density, like all local area values, are ranged from 0 to 1. In order to grow the sixth density, a density value of 0.9 needs to be met, alongside the population requirement of 312,500 citizens.

As usual, depending on how happy the citizens are, the residential building also needs to reach a certain efficiency (or output), in order to grow.

I’ve now started working on the sixth density for commercial buildings and I’m hoping to have all of these done, along with the LOD:s, night time lighting and shadow casters, by the end of the upcoming week.

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