0.61 will be live soon!

0.61 will be live soon!


A bit later than expected – 0.61 will be live in a bit. Finishing up the new residential buildings have taken a bit longer than expected so I’ve sadly had to cut the fourth and fifth tier top density for now. These will be up on sunday instead. LOD:s, shadow casters and night time lighting is also not finished yet.

The sixth density is roughly twice the height of the fifth to really give off that sky scraper look.

Currently they follow the same growth rules as previous buildings, and will grow if the area is dense enough and there’s roughly 320k people in the city. Later on, I’ll be adding a negative density value from these buildings, to decrease the likelihood of them spawning next to eachother if conditions are not optimal.

There are also some minor tweaks to output and required inputs for the fifth density residential buildings.

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