0.58 live tomorrow!

0.58 live tomorrow!


0.58 is just around the corner (live tomorrow!). There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff fixed in this one to prepare for a change in how worlds are handled. But there are some other fixes as well.

The decoration tile has been fixed so that the corner piece that was added a while back can also be fitted together with a corner.

A standing vactrain station has been added. This one, like the small 1×4 one, doesn’t boost storage and has only a small public transportation effect on surrounding buildings. But given its small footprint and how it’s quite space efficient in terms of getting vactracks built away from buildings it fills a function regardless.

I’ve also added a flip object function for certain objects like decorations and certain special roads (twists for example). That way some objects can be moved away from the building menu and is now instead accessed by pressing and holding alt while an object is selected. Not all objects can be flipped however,

I’m also rebalancing the challenges in the game as there have been a tonne of changes to the game since these were added in. For example, local area effects of (for example) entertainment and culture wasn’t implemented back when the challenges were added. So the challenge levels have gotten progressively less and less fair and balanced over time. Starting with 0.59, a few challenges will have been rebalanced.

The tourism tutorial now also has a new level, more fitting the theme of tourism.

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