Brink of Extinction TD

Brink of Extinction TD

Bringing tower defense gaming to a whole new level, Brink of Extinction is a tower defense game set in the ruins of human civilization, where you are tasked with protecting strategic resources from the onslaught of insect swarms. Your arsenal consists of 9 different, upgradable turret types, all with different strengths and weaknesses – the all-round double barrel turret, the weak but fast machine gun turret or vicious but pricey acid turret. All of them turrets that came in use as you face off against swarms of insects.

Featuring 15 campaign levels and 8 endless mode levels along with 72 achievements, guaranteeing you a great challenge.

Demo available at:

Brink of Extinction TD – Gamejolt

Brink of Extinction TD –

Released: Windows 64/32b 30th of November 2017. Mac: Prel. Feb 2018.

For a more detailed overview of the later stages game’s development, go here: BoE TD