0.895 is live!

0.895 is live!

First of all, this update has been long overdue, mostly due to getting back to work and schooling in my kid at preschool. Updates should be more frequent from now on.

I’ve primarily focused on getting the localizations up to date. This also includes adding in a localization for simplified chinese. This is in a beta state and there are likely incorrect translations as well as at times poorly fitted text in the UI.
There is still more work needed to fully implement the existing and upcoming localizations, for example ensuring text is properly fitted in the UI as well as fixing mistranslations. There’s also some of the english, original text, that is in need of updating, meaning more translation will be needed for other languages too. Nevertheless, localizations are now more up to date than before.

0.89 -> 0.895
– Added chinese localization – this is a beta test version, it may have issues.
– Updated localizations for Swedish, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish to fix missing text items.
– Updated info buttons in UI to have higher contrast and make them clearer.
– Changed UI-transparency setting so to not completely remove UI if set to 0.
– Changed the way destroying blocks is done. This should decrease instances where a block has nothing built on top of it, but still can’t be demolished due to a nearby object. This can still occur, but should be far less likely now.
– Added double road tunnel along with entry frame.
– Added sizable slanted blocks.

– Fixed language not changing on some objects when switching after loading city.
– Fixed color picker not adapting to UI scaling.
– Fixed small and low alpha slider in new trade panel.
– Fixed bug where slanted blocks couldn’t be demolished.
– Fixed tunnels being possible to build on top of other objects.
– Fixed some text fitting in different languages, work remains here though.

Here are some images of the new double road tunnel as well as the newly added slanted blocks – for use in rounded edges, or maybe just make a half pipe?!

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